Celebrity Fetishes You Wanna Know


Celebrity Fetishes You Wanna Know
Some of your favorite celebs might share your dirty little mind.

Speaking of Angelina Jolie, she’s actually her own category.  This is someone who used to dabble in not only S&M, but knife play, blood play and bisexuality.  She’s what we like to call the Advanced Course.

Thinking about trying something new in your sex life?  Hey, it’s a crap economy, this stuff is free unless you’re planning on installing an S&M closet in your bedroom or something like that.  Bring it up to your partner and see if they’d be into trying it with you.  If it’s a bit adventurous, come up with a safe word to ease your partner into trying something new. Maybe introduce a new sex toy to get things started.

Feel a little better about your fantasies?  Everyone wants to use something new out of the spice rack every once in a while…makes something old completely new and interesting again.  Give it a shot.

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