She Risked Her Life For Love

She Risked Her Life For Love

A love story that starts in sickness and ends in health.

A recent YourTango article explored the concept of giving up certain foods for a dietary restricted partner—whether based on choice (like a kosher or vegan diet) or necessity (a gluten allergy). The reader comments were all over the map. Some women said they'd certainly make the gastromonic adjustments because love is ultimately more important than food. Another stated resolutely: "I would never give up my right to a cheeseburger! NEVER."

Forgoing cheeseburgers is one form of sacrifice; the risk a Kansas woman took for her boyfriend resides on a different level.

ABC News reports that Julie Wallace, 46, got to know Justin Lister, 26, from his frequent visits to her pharmacy in McPherson, Kansas. Lister had been working in a machine shop when a metal splinter shot into his leg. His wound became infected and caused an unbeatable infection in his kidneys. His name was eventually added to on an organ transplant list. Wallace offered to help her frequent customer. Somewhere between doling out his numerous pills and driving him to dialysis appointments, the couple fell in love.

After moving in together last March, Wallace initiated the idea of donating Lister one of her kidneys. Wallace and Lister fortunately shared an A-positive bloodtype, the strain that approximately one-third of the US population has. The chance that their tissue types would match was far greater. After three months of extensive testing and evaluations, the couple was deemed a match. They underwent the kidney donation and transplant surgeries at the end of October.

We recently learned that long-term romantic love activates a portion of the brain associated with calm versus the anxiety- and obsession-based center that a new, butterflies-in-stomach love ignites. For this Kansas couple, forever connected through a life-risking donation, we hope the long-term love region of their brains are going wild right about now!



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