Diddy Says Wax Your Junk, Guys


Diddy Says Wax Your Junk, Guys
If you want to do it like Diddy, keep it real by keeping it smooth.

Here’s another second to a point that he brought up: manicures and pedicures are also greatly appreciated.  A jagged nail during an intimate moment is a total buzz killer and don’t get me started on men and your nasty feet.  Taking a moment to get rid of your Hobbit feet and making sure that your hands are smooth before you run them all over me makes me hot just thinking about it.  So, take a Sports Illustrated with you to the corner salon and pamper yourself.  Better yet, find a spa that does manicures, pedicures and waxing all in one trip and take an hour to get it all done before your next night out.  Most spas have holiday specials so give yourself and your lady a little surprise at the big holiday party.

Because, after all, Diddy is known to have parties that span continents and last for days and he is obviously not hurting in the love department.  So before your big holiday party this season, groom it up and get ready to do it all night like Diddy.  Because, we all know that ain’t no party like a P. Diddy party, ‘cause a P. Diddy party don’t quit.

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