Can You Top This Bad Date?

Can You Top This Bad Date?
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A hilarious blind date story.

What's the worst date you've ever been on? Love Buzz heard a hilarious story last night that we must relate.

A friend of YourTango, who shall go unnamed, went on a blind date with a man whose appearance she compared to a bad version of Woody Allen. (Great if you're into geeks—if not, well, hopefully he had other assets.)

As they were eating dinner our friend put her hand on the table, and her date noticed her lovely nails—so far so good—after all, it's nice when men notice the effort you put into little details. But instead of expressing his admiration and leaving it at that, Mr. Inquisitive asked if said nails were real. Perhaps a compliment, as nails and polish chip easily and it can be hard to maintain a perfect 10.  Our friend answered yes, indeed, her nails were real.

But that wasn't enough for her date! The disbeliever needed physical proof, so he reached across the table, grabbed her hand and put her nails in his mouth. Talk about behavior getting out of hand!

Readers, can you top this? What's the rudest or most uncomfortable thing a guy's ever done on a date? What else makes for a bad date? Check out our bad dates forum to see what other users are saying, and decide whose had the worst date of all.



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