Morning News Feed: Wedneday, Nov. 19


Morning News Feed: Wedneday, Nov. 19
iPhone excuses, fewer affairs, lost love letters found and homosexual high school.

A cool new proposal for a public high school for gay and lesbian students in Chicago was pulled after being met with criticism from Mayor Richard Daley and a couple of ministers, according to the Chicago Tribune. The school would have been the first of it's kind.

A new study conducted by researchers from the University of Zurich, Switzerland Researchers found that physically close couples who kiss, cuddle, hold hands or have sex have lower levels of stress hormones compared to couples who do not–even when stress is work-related. Let it be a happy Hump Day!



Tough times calls for tough cut backs. According to The Wealth Report, a new survey shows that more than 80% of multimillionaires who had extramarital affairs plan to cut back on gifts and allowances for their lovers. 12% of the cheating multimillionaires polled said they plan to give up on their lovers altogether for financial reasons. Sounds like good news for wives of multimillionaires!

Yesterday, reported that its members have officially exchanged over one billion winks, according the WSJ’s Market Watch. (Winks are used to flirt virtually without resorting to formal e-mail introduction. Read more about here.)

The Detroit News reports that a love triangle may be responsible for a fatal fire. The 71-year-old whose home was destroyed by the flames suggested to police that an ex-girlfriend and neighbor–now in custody–may have caused the fire. Sadly, the fire took the life of the homeowner's new girlfriend.

The elderly son of a Gloucestershire couple will receive the love letters exchanged by his parents during World War I, according to BBC News. The letters were discovered in a junk shop and by its owner. The content of the letters have yet to be revealed, but we're crossing our fingers that this old guy isn't scarred for life.

A US woman who discovered that her husband had been using his iPhone to send raunchy pictures of his genitals to a lover and excused his behavior with an Apple bug sought technical support from Apple yesterday, according to The Sydney Morning Herald. Apple has no knowledge of this convenient, marriage-saving bug.

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