Does The "Other Woman" Owe You an Apology?


Does The "Other Woman" Owe You an Apology?
On 20/20, Gov. Spitzer's call girl apologizes to the scorned wife.

So I think it's responsible, respectable -- a little bit classy, even -- for Dupre to give a remorseful shout-out to scorned wife, Silda Spitzer, on 20/20.  Yeah, it's also kinda cheesy, but if Dupre didn't apologize during her first televised interview...well, that would look even worse. Gawker reports that during her interview with Diane Sawyer, to air on Friday, Dupre offers Silda Spitzer a simple, "I'm sorry for your pain."

It's not much, but it's something.


And in a situation where there don't seem to be many clear "winners," that seems to be enough.

Do you hear that, Angelina?