Morning News Feed, Tues, Nov 18th


Morning News Feed, Tues, Nov 18th
Scarring is hot, Malaysian women without pants and sex in small cars.

If you're cruising around in a Mini-Cooper and have a hard time gettin' down and dirty due to limited space, The Frisky has four positions for small-car sex. Our fave? Position number 1--The Passenger Seat Cowgirl. Perfect for cars with front seats only. Have your dude put his seat as far back as it can go, and make sure you wear a skirt!

So since this seems to be a number day (12 Signs That He's the One, Four Positions for Small-car Sex), we figured we'd wrap it up with 9 Signs He is Cheating. Shine shares this news from Rich Santos at Marie Claire. We've heard a lot of these tips before; however, an important one that Santos mentions is "Your Gut Tells You So." If something feels off, don't ignore that feeling.

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