Broken Up One Day, Engaged The Next?


Broken Up One Day, Engaged The Next?
How to make a relationship work the second time around—for good.

Of course, despite the success of many relationships that have gone from ditched to hitched, it can't work for everyone. Certain wounds, such as an instance where a partner cheats, can be too hurtful to fix. And in any situation where abuse was involved, you are most definitely better off broken up. Trying to force a broken relationship into repair will not work, and unless problems are truly mended, it will only break again—perhaps making a second breakup even messier and more difficult, especially if there was a marriage involved. If you find yourself bringing up past problems and fighting about them all over again, you're not headed down the right path. Making it work the second time means not only forgiving any past wrongdoings, but forgetting them too.

Advises Heather, a true ditched-to-hitched success story: "Time apart is not always a bad thing. Sometimes you need that time before marriage to know it's what you really want. My relationship is stronger than it ever was before because of what we've worked through."

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