Is TV Ruining Your Sex Life?


Is TV Ruining Your Sex Life?
Your TV may be ruining your sex life or your ruined sex life may be making TV better.

So, does TV lead to less sex and more depression? Or does less sex begat depression and plasma screen worship? Almost to prove a point, a survey in UK polled men and revealed that a majority of them would abstain from sex for 6 months for a 50-inch plasma TV. Yeah yeah, no sex please, we're English but there is only so much Masterpiece Theatre and soccer that they can watch, right?

One of our other bloggers already solved this problem with the suggestion of moderation. I think moderation is for suckers, feel free to multitask. The Bloodhound Gang suggests doing it "doggy style, so we can both watch X-Files." David Duchovny is at full-mast just thinking abou it.

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