Facebook Reveals Which Osbourne Is Engaged

Facebook Reveals Which Osbourne Is Engaged

Kelly Osbourne and Luke Worrall may be engaged!

Kelly Osbourne, 23, and her barely-legal boyfriend are engaged–at least according to Facebook, reports the UK's Daily Mail Online.

That's right. Kelly's 18-year-old boyfriend, model Luke Worrall, confirmed rumors of the couple's hush-hush engagement by updating his Facebook status, to the delight and encouraging wall posts of friends and family, reports Celebitchy. Kelly and Luke recently moved in together, according to The Bosh and Kelly's been sporting a ring on her wedding finger since September, although the youngin's began dating–after a year of friendship–last May.

There's no word yet on the length of their engagement although we'd expect a long one, considering the bridegroom is practically prepubescent. And since this news is hot off the Facebook News Feed, we have yet to hear whether Sharon and Ozzy approve. According to Now, Momma Osbourne met–and apparently liked–Luke, in July. As for Ozzy's reaction to his 23-year-old daughter marrying an 18-year-old: Papa, don't preach!  

After all, Luke seems like a great catch compared to Kelly's former beaus. Her past includes lead singer of The Used, Bert McCracken, who used Kelly for her fame (or so she's convinced, according to Contactmusic.com), The Transplants singer Rob Aston, and Fields bassist Matty Derham, whom she dated for six months before Luke.

Although she's opted to marry a model rather than band member, Kelly may be wed in an Elvis-themed ceremony, according to an AngryApe report. A friend told Star magazine that Kelly and Luke want a fun, Las Vegas-style wedding since they share the same unconventional streak and sense of humor–both neccessary for survival in the Osbourne clan. 


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