Morning News Feed: Monday, Nov 17


Morning News Feed: Monday, Nov 17
Cuddling works, no sex for the Japanese & Australia's Sex Party.

This comes (or doesn't, buh dum pah!) as no surprise, men think they're really good in bed and women disagree. According to the New York Post, 7 in 10 women confessed to faking it and 7 in 10 men claim to pleasure their opposite number on every occasion. Fiction can be fun. Samesies for friction.

The Huffington Post asks if 25 (years old) is too young to be in a committed relationship. It's a valid question. We liked it when YourTango's Jay Rosenshields brought this up too.


Not being ready to marry is one thing, what about not being ready for a kid? According to Jezebel, a woman spent several years trying to get pregnant (trying IVF, the works) and then decided to adopt. But she decided to give the whippersnapper back after 2 weeks as she was unable to connect with him. Eesh. We suppose this is illustrative of why it's so difficult to adopt these days.

And let's end this thing on a low note, The Frisky has a guide on how to get dumped honorably. Evidently, posting nude pictures of the other party is out of the range of reasonable behavior. Same goes for getting them on weird mailing lists. We do like the advice about not bargaining, it's not a negotiation.

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