Morning News Feed: Monday, Nov 17


Morning News Feed: Monday, Nov 17
Cuddling works, no sex for the Japanese & Australia's Sex Party.

It is a beautiful November morning, let's get to the news.

Per the Northern Echo, the UK's Tory party is seeking to strengthen marriage. Step 1 is to make prenups binding in the world's divorce capital. Then they'd like to revoke some of the protections for cohabiting couples. Slippery slope, Tories.


On the topic of political parties, there is a new political reality in Australia: the Sex Party. According to Yahoo, it's almost exactly like you'd think it is. The party thinks things have gotten too conservative in Australia and demand change. We'd like to point out that we avoided any regrettable "down under" jokes.

Aussies must have sex parties on the brain, because Reuters is reporting that an Australian resort is seeking to beat a downer economy the only way they know how: sex party. The White Cockatoo in Mossman, Queensland is promising a month-long, anything goes romp. Benny Hill would be proud.

It turns out that beating the economy blues may be better done via holding rather than copulating. According to ZeeNews, a Swiss study shows that couples who kiss and hug have a lower amount of stress chemicals in their brains. Sensitive 90s guys everywhere rejoice.

The cuddling news may be a good omen for Japanese couples, because they are not going all the way these days. According to the Telegraph, many Japanese couples are giving up on sex because they're too tired from work and it's "boring." Jeepers, someone better figure out a Sex, Sex Revolution for the PlayStation 3 pronto.

On the subject of sex toys, iVillage has it's video on green sex toys. Somehow the Incredible Hulk's peen didn't make the list. Everyone is just trying to do their part to save the planet, it seems.

That guy Seal seems like a real do-gooder, planet saver, right? Maybe that's why the singer is urging couples to renew their vows, like he recently did to wife super model Heid Klum per the Post Chronicle.

Sexy singers are pretty cool, but it turns out that who is and is not a sexy singer is totally subjective. To illustrate this point, OneIndia is reporting that Bryan Adams' song "Everything I Do" was voted best love song ever. It must have been a pretty slow eternity. We'd like to know what Chris Isaak makes of all this.

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