Why There's No Vampire Sex in Twilight


Why There's No Vampire Sex in Twilight
Gawker wants Bella and Edward in the Twilight series to screw, already, dammit!

But I also think we can't forget the Twilight books are young adult (YA) books.  Young adults.  Obviously not all young adults are sexually active, but what might be harder to wrap our heads around is the notion that not all young adults care to think about sexual activity at all times.  If you've never kissed a boy before -- and certainly if you've never given a handjob or a blowjob -- it may seem frightening and overwhelming.  It may seem like something you can picture yourself doing a year or two or five from now, but it's not a part of your life today.

And I think that kind of chastity, the kind that's not indoctrinated, is OK. 


I think the commenter, ClicheLaMoron, on Carnavale's post was dead on (no pun intended).  Even though she's much more cynical and doesn't think this is "healthy," I still think her point is right:

Ask a former teenage girl:

The book is TOTAL porn. But, not the scary kind with dicks. The kind that's PERFECT for teenage girls, which is all about getting off on the pain of loving someone so hard and not being able to have him. Which is a sexual feeling, even though that makes no sense to dudes. But in reality, you cannot have your idol because you are hideous and unpopular, not because HE LOVES YOU TOO MUCH TO EVER ENDANGER YOU WITH HIS LOOOOOOOVE, but the good/bad feeling is much the same.

I don't think this is healthy at all. But if you are raised to fear men as rapey, etc and be ashamed of your sexual feelings as making you dirty and worthless, you end up liking this book. Yaaaaaaay.

What's more, I thought the never-consummated sexual tension in Twilight was really hot.  Maybe because it lets my imagination run wild?  Maybe it's because I'm a tease and I'm attracted to teases who are my match?  Maybe it's because I've confessed my love for chivalrous vampires?  Who knows...I just wouldn't change the book at all.  Are we so sexed up in our pop culture that we're taking to teenagers not having sex like a vampire takes to garlic?

Tell us in the comments section below....would the Twilight series be hotter with a long-hoped for consummatino of vampire sex? Or are these books hotter without it?