Roll And Bowl Your Way To Love

Roll And Bowl Your Way To Love
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Classic American pastimes lead to love and are easy on the wallet.

Divorces and breakups and sex toy mishaps! Oh, my. As one female-fronted pop band named after a legume asked in 2003, where is the love? If you look beyond the doom and gloom in the news, its apparently there... in bowling alleys and skating rinks.

Newsday today features the story of a Queens, New York, couple who met 25 years ago at Laces, a local skating rink. Robin Enoch-Horn was then a 27-year-old skating neophyte testing out her new skates at the rink with her mom. She struck up conversation with a charming man named Rick, who was a whiz on wheels and wearing an orange and green outfit that her mother deemed "hideous." The couple married in October 1983. Their first dance was—of course—on skates.

From Duluth, Minn. comes the tale of a couple who married 60 years ago after chatting about, as chance would have it, a roller skate case. Earl Erickson was drinking coffee in the local bowling alley when his wife-to-be, Alberta, came in with some friends. Legend has it she immediately told friends that the then-stranger was the man she was going to marry. Earl initiated conversation about her silver case, and the rest is history. Alberta passed away earlier this year, but Earl still celebarted their 60th wedding anniversary on November 13; he returned to the local lanes, now part of a furniture store, with the silver skate case in hand to remember his six-decade marriage in the place where it began.

Single and sick of spending on dinner-and-drinks dates? Try on some good ol' recession-friendly activities instead, and you just might find yourself rolling into love where you least expect it.

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