3 Stars Who Are Expecting Or Expect To Impregnate

3 Stars Who Are Expecting Or Expect To Impregnate

John Stamos, Jewel, and Scott Wolf join the celebrity baby craze.

If you want to have a baby, have a baby. Why celebrity couples feel the need to issue a press release regarding the intentions of their respective uteruses, is beyond comprehension. Is it so that people don't think they are just getting fat? John Stamos? Is that it?

To be fair, Johnny announced that he is ready for kids during an interview with Extra, and if they didn't ask about his family plans, well, we can't say we would have. (Unless, of course, he plans to impregnate Rebecca Donaldson, in which case, we would have asked when to expect the first episode of the Full House remake. If only...)

Starpulse dutifully reports that Stamos has been talking baby talk for a while and he’s ready for fatherhood- even if it means adopting from Project Cuddle, a charity he's (not ironically) involved with. Nice shout out, Johnny! Anywho, Stamos has been dating model Leah Marsh.

Also desperate for kids (and desperate for braces, while we're on the subject), is country-singer Jewel. According to Starpulse she says she's preparing for parenthood with her cowboy husband Ty Murray. Besides concluding one's concert tour, what exactly does parenthood prep require? Kegels? Again, a case of too much information. Let us know when you actually pop one out, J. He or she is destined to be a real gem.

While J and J are "on their marks" and "getting set," Party of Five star Scott Wolf and his wife, former Real World: New Orleans star Kelley Limp, are on the "go". Wolf announced–ecstatically–on the Billy Bush radio show that they are expecting a boy. (Listen to the interview here.) "I truly cannot wait," he said. "This whole nine month business seems way to long to meet him." Very cute! Wolf also said he's learning how to say "We're pregnant," to which Billy Bush responded: "There's nothing about you that's pregnant, pal." We expect Billy to put John Stamos in his place–hopefully before he starts putting on sympathy weight–and more exciting news come Monday.


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