Justin Timberlake Not Sure About Kids

Justin Timberlake Not Sure About Kids
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Confident about Jessica Biel, children are a maybe for the couple.

Looks like Justin Timberlake may not be sick of taking questions about relationships after all. When US Magazine caught him outside of the Keep a Child Alive Ball in New York on Thursday, the musician/actor said, “I’m not sure.”  Timberlake’s girlfriend, actress Jessica Biel, moved into his six bedroom California home over the summer and the two are close to closing on property in the exclusive Tribeca neighborhood of New York City. 

Jessica may share his concerns about the concept of becoming a parent. In a recent Harper’s Bazaar magazine article, she stated, “But if I choose to have a family, I would hope to create a balance, because I don’t want to lose my sense of identity, my career, and my independence.”

I applaud this decision.  After what appears to be a full-on baby boom with Hollywood turning out children one right after the other (in some cases two at a time), it’s nice to see a young celebrity couple take the time to really think things through.  We all know that kids change everything and these two seem to be taking their time getting to know each other before making quick, serious decisions.  They waited quite a while to move in together, now it seems they’re spending even more time to see if cohabitation works before they move onto to anything more permanent. After all,  the ideal age to marry is when you're ready and you want to avoid the awkward issue of one of you wanting kids when the other isn't ready.

They have plenty of time to make a more serious decision.  Both are successful in their own careers and appear to really enjoy each other’s company.  Taking the time to get to know someone is important because if you find out that the thing that annoys you is a deal breaker, try dealing with that when you’re already married and you have screaming babies waking you up for a 3:00 a.m. feeding. Try living down the guilt of passing that on to them when they grow up. There’s nothing wrong with being very deliberate about a decision to move in together, get married and/or have kids.

Of course, when they get down to having them, I'm pretty sure JT will definitely be bringing sexy back to that activity if he isn't already, which something tells me he is.  Sorry, couldn't resist.


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