Liberal Women Jealous of Palin's Great Sex Life?

Liberal Women Jealous of Palin's Great Sex Life?

Dennis Miller's crackpot theory: Dem ladies are jealous of Sarah and Todd.

I smell some sour grapes...

Gawker's got a video clip of comedian Dennis Miller on Bill O'Reilly espousing a unique post-election theory: liberal women are jealous of Sarah Palin because she's got a better sex life than they do

After proclaiming her a great "dame" (um, that's Madam Governor to you, Dennis), the comedian announces, "I think she has non-neurotic sex with that Todd Palin guy!"

Oh, Todd.  That beard!  Those tracksuits! The snowmobile riding!

The Alaskan First Dude doesn't do it for me, personally, but I could see how women who are into "manly-men" might want to shove Sarah out of the way and join Todd in the igloo for some sweet North Pole lovin'.

When your boss darts out for some lunch, definitely take a look at the clip....and let us know if that snowmobile "looks like mechanized foreplay" to you, too!


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