Afternoon News Feed: Thurs, Nov 13th


Afternoon News Feed: Thurs, Nov 13th
CT gay marriage, bestie hooks up with ex, healthy by sustaining friendships

What would you do if your best friend was hooking up with your ex? Ooh, this is a toughie. The University Daily Kansan says to consider how strong your friendship is with your bestie before dropping him/her like a fly. However, if you do accept this awkward hookup, be prepared to experience old feelings once your ex is back in the picture.

If you're looking to get your ex back (who knows, maybe you want to steal him/her back from your best friend), Revenge blog suggests that you think about whether you and your ex were a good match to begin with. If you were a good match, try to recapture the happy times the two of you shared together. Think of a good memory the two of you shared and try to recreate it.


The Guardian answers a question on how to house children following a divorce. The Guardian explains how the couple's assets are split up. 

Everything they own - whether jointly or in an individual's name - is put into the pot of "matrimonial assets" and split in accordance with what the couple agrees, which isn't necessarily 50/50.



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