Morning News Feed: Wednesday, Nov. 12


Morning News Feed: Wednesday, Nov. 12
Sex change for reverend, gay marriage legal in Conn., and Obama's take on gender identity.

Americans may be cutting corners these days but it seems they're saving plenty of pocket change for love. In uncertain economic times, reports Market Watch, online dating sites thrive. Granted, the stats come from online-dating site, which reports a 47% spike in members over the last quarter.  

An exception to rule? British men. 90% of 'em said they would give up on their romantic relationship to save money, according to a Skipton Building Society study reported by Debt Management Today.  A YouGov study reported that 47% of 2,400 British adults said they would spend more money if they were in a relationship.


Money issues aside, it seemingly pays to be in a relationship. Reuters reports that physical affection may serve as a buffer against work stress. Findings of the journal Psychosomatic Medicine has found that intimacy –be it holding hands or sexual intercourse- decreases levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.

Same-sex married couples in California may be under especially stress since Proposition 8 passed last week. Luckily, Life Site News reports that the terminator (California government Arnold Schwarzenegger) has terminated the fears of those who were already in same-sex marriages pre-Proposition 8, by reassuring them that their marriages will remain intact, and that Proposition 8 will last only until the Supreme Court turns it over it.

On that note: Happy same-sex marriage day! The Boston Globe reports that a Superior Court judge in New Haven, Connecticut is expected to authorize same-sex marriage in Connecticut today, joining Massachusetts in allowing gay marriages.

Same sex couples may further benefit when the Obama-Biden team takes over, according to OneNewsNow. The incoming administration has included both "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" in their non-discrimination policy for employment applicants. While President Bush didn’t overturn Bill Clinton's executive order prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, the Clinton order does not address so-called gender identity, making the Obama-Biden administration the first to do so. Go team!

State and church may butt heads in Finland where a vicar has announced that he plans to undergo gender reassignment surgery, forcing the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church to take a stance on sex change without violating equality law, according to YLE.  The minister is considering taking the Church to court if he is fired from his job.

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