What's On His Mind: Tues, Nov. 11

What's On His Mind: Tues, Nov. 11

Guys are talking about bestiality, evolution, falling for a friend and divorce.

While most media is still focused on one man in particular, we decided a slow news Tuesday was a good time to check in with the topics floating around the male minds this week.

YourTango's Tomfoolery blogger, Tom Miller, is pondering the role that evolution plays in our dating and mating rituals. Since those who marry later in life—and therefore have fewer babies—tend to be a more educated, does this mean our population is getting dumber? Tom is dubious.

AskMen's Doc Love is doling out advice for a guy who's been in love with his best female friend for two years. The Doc lets him down hard and tells him to cut off the friendship and get some game while he's at it. Ouch.

The ever-sage Dan Savage tackles a tough question in his latest column: my fiance is into bestiality and I'm not, where do we go from here? Savage, who says he doesn't "understand how people even keep dogs as pets" let alone, um, lovers, turns to a zoology expert who says its not technically animal abuse unless the dog (the beast of preference in this case) is forced into the act, but it is partner abuse if the fiance keeps "hounding" (Savage's pun, not YourTango's) her to watch beastiality porn or—worse—partake.

And, finally, Asylum has 10 divorce mistakes most guys make. The list starts with being ill-prepared for giving testimony and ends with moving out, which apparently can be misconstrued as abandonment in court. The site reports that women initiate divorce 75% of the time, so it's probably good for us ladies to check out the tips, too.




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