Victoria's Secret and Itchy Lingerie

Victoria's Secret and Itchy Lingerie

Oh no, Vicky's! A lawsuit over "toxic bras."

"Toxic bras." 

It sounds like a 14-year-old boy's bad fantasy porn/slasher movie.  But it's what some women are alleging their Victoria's Secret lingerie has become.

London's Daily Mail reports several American women experienced rashes, welts and in one case, permanent scarring from their chain store skivvies.  

Ladies, the only welts you should be getting in the bedroom should come from a saucy spanking.  When your lingerie gives you permanent scarring, it is time to take it off.  I really hope these women at least got laid for what they went through!

One woman involved in the lawsuit claims a chemical test showed formaldahyde is used in the "toxic" bra and alleges it is unhealthy for that chemical to be so close to the human body.  But a Victoria's Secret spokesperson denies the chemical is used in their lingerie.

It's one thing to wear an itchy bra (that damn cheap lace!) or to withstand underwire digging into your shoulder muscles. But toxic bras are quite another matter entirely.  Best of luck to sorting that one out, everyone.


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