Morning News Feed: Tues, Nov. 11


Morning News Feed: Tues, Nov. 11
Rituals in marriages, sexual intimacy and breast cancer, and

Pastor Ed Young is demanding more sex! Young is the pastor at Fellowship Church, a Dallas-based church, and according to the Religion blog at The Dallas Morning News, Young preached to his fellow members over the weekend to have seven days of sex starting November 16th. The logic behind all of this? Well, Young believes that during these trying times, married couples need to break away infidelity and instead, do what God believes is a natural, healthy part of marriage: get it on!

Brooklyn is cracking the whip on teen dating violence and sexual abuse. Brooklyn Daily Eagle reports sexual and dating violence is prevalent among youth. Presentations were done at different Brooklyn schools last week and they explained to staff and students how sexually violent experiences affect young people’s lives and health.


DeAnna Lorraine a professional dating coach with her own radio show. Although Lorriane's show is based out of San Diego, it is now possible to tune into her on the world wide web. The show is on every Thursday from 6-6:30 PM and Lorraine highly encourages listeners to call in so she can help with love and relationship dilemnas.


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