Morning News Feed: Tues, Nov. 11


Morning News Feed: Tues, Nov. 11
Rituals in marriages, sexual intimacy and breast cancer, and

The News  Star is stressing the importance of rituals in relationships today. Apparently, many marriages are  strengthened  when romantic traditions are added to the mix. One couple calls each other every day at 2:22 because their wedding anniversary is February 22nd.

Save Marriage is pretty self-explanatory. Sign up with them and they will send you an insightful e-letter entitled Why Lovers Leave which includes tips on analyzing your present situation with a bf/gf/hubby/wife.


New research has been found connecting sexual intimacy and breast cancer. Per Eurekalert, an Indiana University found that young, female breast cancer survivors struggle with sexual/intimate relationships. These women reported vaginal dryness, genital pain, and lack of sexual arrousal, desire, and orgasm.

Recently divorced? Well, if you're ready to get back in the dating scene, The Mirror has some wise advice for you. They suggest online dating, but only when you are completely over your breakup. Also, a big dating don't on their list is cooking dinner for him at your place. The Mirror says this is far too intimate for a first date especially if you realize that you're not feeling it after your serve the first course.

Speaking of divorce, Belfast Telegraph just released an article answering questions about dealing with pensions and divorce. The Telegraph has the top three ways to deal with your pension.

Looks like the free dating site is doing quite well. They had reason to celebrate yesterday due to the results of a survey they conducted for their memebers. PR-Canada reported that according to the 1,000 active male/female members that they polled on FaceFitter, 41% said the last date they went on resulted in a second date.

An anti-sex trafficking ad has been launched. Per

Men who buy sex from women trafficked into the country are the target of a new hard-hitting television advertisement. The short ad features an actress posing as a young woman from eastern Europe who arrives here enticed by the prospect of a job, but quickly falls into the sordid world of prostitution. Ruhama, the group behind the campaign, warns that under new laws those who use trafficked women for sex could face up to five years in jail.