Third Divorce for Man With 5000 Sex Partners?

Third Divorce for Man With 5000 Sex Partners?

Why Charlie Sheen’s pregnant wife is on the run.

It takes two to tango, marry, divorce, and remarry, but it might take more than two–and lets say we're talkin' babies, here–to keep Charlie Sheen in a relationship. Charlie, 43, severed marital ties with Denise Richards, mother of their two daughters, and according to Celebitchy it looks like he may be warming up for divorce number three from Brooke Mueller, 31. Brooke is currently carrying Charlie's twins, but a recent In Touch report questions whether Charlie and Brook will last until April, when the babies are due. 

Sources say the couple is going through a rough patch and after five whole months of marriage, it may indeed be prime time for divorce. One source told In Touch that the couple has been arguing- perhaps enough to send Brooke running for the hills or at least to Palm Beach, Fla., to visit momma Mueller aka Moira Fiore, who neither confirmed nor denied her daughter’s presence.

Other sources say that Brooke has been out of touch, and that she's worried Charlie may be slipping back into old habits of his former bad-boy self. Who wouldn't be worried? Some of Charlie's past slip-ups have included–but are in no way limited to–accidentally shooting former-fiancée Kelly Preston in the arm, spending $50,000 on prostitutes over 14 months, gabbling and drug addiction and topping 5,000 nicks on his bedpost. What a catch. 

One "insider" even alleged that Charlie has intimacy issues. The nerve! "After getting too close with anyone, he retreats," the source said. We say: poor Brooke.


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