Poll: Vampire You'd Most Like to Date


Robert Pattinson
Who's the sexiest vamp in Hollywood?

Vampires.  Ever since Bram Stoker introduced the blood-thirsty Count Dracula to the world in 1897 these undead villians have become the go-to symbol for everlasting love . . . and sex.  Stephanie Meyers probably knew that when she embarked on her best-selling Twilight series.  Now the movie is breaking box office records and sending teenage girls into hysterics at the site Robert Pattison, the dashing Brit who has brought Edward Cullen to life. 

After reading the books and watching the movie, we started wondering—even if Edward isn't the most desirable vampire, he may be the best undead boyfriend we've ever seen.  What do you think?  Cast your vote in our poll!

Poll: Vampire You'd Most Like to Date:

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