Guitar Hero/Vagina Champion


Guitar Hero/Vagina Champion
Craigslist personals: always good for a laugh. A round-up and translation of three favorites.

Post: lookin for cosmic mama to ride the skies and navigate the spheres

looking for a lady with an interest in magic times, lazy days listenin to old records, cooking huge vegi meals, art making and living, music making and being, time traveling, green explorations, forest hiking, late night searching, demon wielding, rock n roll essence, incense, 60's-70's existence, imaginary universes, dark castles, raging warlords, rings of power, plants hanging all over, and hawks that fly low.


me: slim, tall, cute, witty, sarcastic, conversationalist/debatist, art/music maker, clean n tidy, workaholic, emerald moonlight.

you: age 24-35, cute, energetic, articulate, inspiration, hilarious, art/music maker, independent, turquoise sunshine. ?

send a pic, get a pic. send a letter. write some words. all will be responded to, really looking for new friends beyond all else:-)

Translation: Know where I can score some acid?

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