Hilary Duff’s Video Censored

Hilary Duff’s Video Censored

Is her adult relationship with a hot hockey star to blame?

It looks like our little girl is all grown up and ready to express herself. According to Starpulse, singer/actress/entrepreneur Hilary Duff’s video for her new song, Reach Out, has been censored by US media officials.  Deemed too explicit for television, the video shows Hilary in scenes of bondage, canoodling with a hot male actor and evidently what sent it over the top are a few shots of her licking and going to town on an unseen man’s fingers.  Officials are asking her to take the uber-racy shots out of the video and tone it down for the final version that will appear on national television.

I watched the video and while it doesn’t look like just another Wednesday night for Duff, I thought it was pretty tame, actually.  It's basically an homage to Madonna, the Fiona Apple video for "Criminal", and the backtrack of Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus."  All in all, really well done.  Take a look for yourself

There are many schools of thought on child stars expressing their sexuality when they get a little older. One only has to look at the outrage when Britney Spears appeared in her underwear on the cover of Rolling Stone to see how the public can begin to vilify a woman who starts to grow into her own.  But Hilary is an adult at 21 now and in an adult relationship with NHL hockey star Mike Comrie.  The two are quite private about their union but as someone who we’ve never seen go without underwear or go to rehab and the only scandals we can ever point to is an alleged feud with Lindsay Lohan over Aaron Carter years and years ago, I think it’s safe to say that Hilary’s earned the right to grow up and express herself as an adult in her music and her self-expression.  Whether she’s into finger-sucking behind closed doors is unknown but there’s something beautiful about a woman exploring what turns her on.

It looks like our little girl is in an adult relationship, exploring adult sexual practices and growing up before our eyes.  I personally think it’s pretty awesome.  Want to try a little S&M or explore some fun with blindfolds in your own bedroom?  You're an adult. Go for it!

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