Obama Ruined My Game


Obama Ruined My Game
Why Barack Obama forgot the bro code but still won everyone over.

In a word: awesome. In 2 words: awesome pants. In 3 words: awesome pants McGillicuddy. I've no doubt that John McCain would have apologized as well, but the whole thing would have turned into a Saturday Night Live sketch and would, therefore, have lacked some sincerity and a timely, coherent ending. And forget about the Bush administration apologizing for anything, let alone screwing up a shot a premarital, birth control-regulated sex.

What can we learn from this? Obama knows how to treat his fellow man, and if he makes a mistake, he'admit it and apologize. We live in interesting times.


*To my knowledge, Lindsey Graham has never prevented me from tricking a girl into my lair, though South Carolina's silly airplane bottle liquor law may have.

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