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Blogger Crush: Jewaira's Boudoir

Blogger Crush: Jewaira's Boudoir

Get inside the head of a woman in Kuwait

BlogJewaira's Boudoir

Ever wonder what it's like to be a free-thinking woman in Kuwait? Visit Jewaira's Boudoir and wonder no more. Jewaira's tagline is "Bits of pleasure & fantasy. My own room with a view," which nicely sums up her blog: she posts about everything, but a few of her favorite topics are sex, relationships and women's issues.

She comments on news and trends like female happy ending massage (Tango's covered this one also), brother-sister incest, and marriage. She also writes fiction, some of it decidedly erotic.

News, trends and sexy stuff? Sounds a lot like Love Buzz! And for that, she is our blogger crush.

Last week's crush: Funky Brown Chick.

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