Morning News Feed: Weds, Nov 5


Morning News Feed: Weds, Nov 5
Dems win big, Proposition 8 may pass, cuddle parties, and GPS lingerie.

If you're an international traveler and go to exotic locales like Amsterdam, you don't have to pay for the sex any more. According to Market Watch the dating site is for you. It combines all of the things you hate about online dating with all the things you hate about travel. Kidding, their goal is to only bring the goodness. A European airline set-up in flight dating about a year ago, but these guys have a website, so it's better. We're guessing people are not going to use this for international infidelity at all.

Speaking of dating and travel, evidently there is now lingerie with a built in GPS (Global Positioning System, Luddite). While we have no idea what service this could possibly perform outside of theft protection, Switched thinks it's a modern-day chastity belt. OK then.

Happy dawn of a new era everyone, it is the end of the world as we know it. And I feel aight.

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