Are Smelly Socks Good For A Relationship?

Are Smelly Socks Good For A Relationship?

A new poll says romance lasts just 938 days. So is familiarity good (intimacy) or bad (complacency)?

Lemondrop's Bediquette column today discusses the comfort—and horror—of familiarity. According to a new poll, romance lasts exactly two years, six months and 25 days, after which time couples stop trying and start leaving the toilet seat up, hording the remote and ignoring their wedding anniversary.

Lemondrop writer Lauren Bohn points out that comfort is a type of intimacy; if you're relaxed enough to let your man see your shiny, makeup-free face, you're reached a mature stage in your relationship where you no longer need to continually impress your partner.

A good point, to be sure; there's a certain excitement and relief in knowing that he's not going to break up with you when he finds out your feet smell. But at some point relaxation and comfort can turn into complacency and boredom. Working at a relationship website makes you realize how many people miss the romance and excitement of a new relationship.

Ideally there would be a middle ground where you could relish the intimacy of a long-term partnership but still be able to access the mystery and energy of a new relationship. YourTango has some solutions for keeping long-term love exciting. Check out our video and interview with Esther Perel, author of Mating in Captivity, as she discusses the key to a sexy marriage. In this episode of "On The Couch," Catie Lazarus discusses how to keep romance alive. Discover the joy of the quickie, and find out seven ways to keep a partnership going strong all year long.

And hey, maybe you'll beat the romance odds and last two years, six months and twenty-six days. It could happen to anyone.


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