When Does Flirting Cross The Line?

When Does Flirting Cross The Line?

What to do with a boyfriend who's a little too flirtatious.

Slate.com's advice columnist, Dear Prudence, tackles a pesky relationship problem we've had: dating an incorrigible flirt. You know, the guy (or girl) who drives you batty as much as he sets alight butterflies in your tummy. Only problem is, I think Prudie goes too easy on her subject.

See the video below for Prudie's advice:




In case you can't watch the video at the office, here's a recap: a woman visits her boyfriend at his office and discovers he says, "I love you," to a female colleague. When she asks what's that about, he replied, "Oh, nothing she's just my sweetness"—except the girlfriend thought "my sweetness" was her own pet name!" Apparently he sees the females who populate his world as a selection of bon-bons," answers Dear Prudence, saying the girlfriend is right to object. (Uh, yeah, duh.) The world is divided into "trustworthy flirts" and flirts who think life presents "too many opportunities to choose just one," says Pru. "You've got to find out if your boyfriend is satisfied with you or wants to keep nibbling."With all due respect, Prudence, I think this boyfriend sounds sooo disrespectful. Disrespectful and clueless. And that's a bad combination. I'd say dump his ass.


(And by the way, he also sounds a little creepy. You can't tell your co-workers you love them or call them pet names on the job! He's just asking for a sexual harassment lawsuit.)



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