Jessica Biel Not Happy With JT-Rihanna Video


Jessica Biel Not Happy With JT-Rihanna Video
The video shoot for Rihanna's "Rehab" may have had too much chemistry.

Though we do think he’ll make someone a heck of a boyfriend one day. Speaking of pop music and Jessica Biel, Marie Claire (UK) says that the actress and former ingénue is cranking up a recording career. Word on the street is that Jessica Biel has a great voice and this is a natural out-reach of her entertaining career. The crossover has been attempted by a number of young actresses with mixed results at best. Lindsay Lohan and Hayden Panettiere will likely not be remembered for their musical efforts except by a small (and possibly dangerous) contingent. Irrespective of her skill and success, we sincerely hope that these 2 refrain from any duets that aren't in the shower. It is not something that's been at all appetizing to witness since the Sonny and Cher days.

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