Jessica Biel Not Happy With JT-Rihanna Video


Jessica Biel Not Happy With JT-Rihanna Video
The video shoot for Rihanna's "Rehab" may have had too much chemistry.

According to Star Magazine via Angry Ape, Jessica Biel is not, repeat, not pleased with Justin Timberlake's sexy video shoot with Barbadosian sexpot Rihanna. Though Jessica Biel was not party to the shoot for Rihanna's new beat "Rehab," she did get an eyeful of sexy still shots and heard about the chemistry between the pop stars. Not to be terribly insensitive about it, but what do you expect when you pair Justin and Rihanna together?

Rihanna is sex on wheels (feet). Did Jessica Biel miss that "Umbrella" video? That thing bordered on sensual, in its own way. And Justin Timberlake is a chemistry machine (like a centrifuge). He could have chemistry with a Muppet and not just Bunsen and Beaker.

And while we're discussing making sexy time for the camera, Jessica Biel is appearing in a little sexually charged comedy called Easy Virtue. In said film, she smooches an actor called Ben Barnes. This scruffy thespian was quoted by Digital Spy as saying some provocative stuff. First of all, he thought kissing Jessica Biel was delightful (mmm hmm) and that the most embarrassing part of the sex scenes was having to wear what can only be described as a c*ck-and-ball jockey (ah haaaaa). The cod piece give the appearance of nudity for the sake of filming. So, we're to believe that Jessica Biel is bent out of shape about a sexy music video shoot after she smooched and rubbed barely covered uglies with Mangy Mangerson? That's practically frottage but JT is enough of a pro to be cool with all of this. In our estimation, only Chris Brown gets to be upset about all of this, though unofficially. No one is dry-humping Chris Brown on-set. Chris Brown isn't playing tonsil tennis with some dishrag. He should just thank his lucky stars that he's not officially dating Rihanna and doubly thank them that he's not dating Jessica "Double Standards" Biel's fine ass.

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