Economic Crash Affects Prostitutes

Economic Crash Affects Prostitutes

"It’s a bad time to be an high-paid/over-paid prostitute in New York."

Interesting post on Debauchette today, about how the economic downturn, has affected high-class call girls. With wealthy investment bankers and other Wall-Streeters losing their jobs, expensive companions may have fewer clients and less money.

Debauchette, you might remember, is the courtesan (she prefers the term "whoretesan," heehee) and blogger, who came to national attention when Diane Sawyer interviewed her earlier this year in the wake of the Eliot Spitzer scandal. Yesterday she wrote that three of her clients have called this week to make sure she's financially solvent. In case you're wondering too, she is. "I’m fine. I saved. I saw it coming. I live modestly," she's been telling the concerned men.

You might think, as commenter Wendy did, that sex work would be recession-proof, or even helped by job woes and money stress, since visiting a prostitute is an escape from reality. But Debauchette said yes and no. While it's true that people will continue to buy sex, "at the high-end, some of the rates are so high that they’re arguably inflated. And during times like this, for good reason, clients tend to spend less extravagantly."

Talk about cutting out unnecessary expenses....


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