Why You Should Reconsider John Mayer


Why You Should Reconsider John Mayer
Recent argument with Pink revealed what kind of person Mayer is: a regular guy.

The genesis of this rambling mess is a conversation that Mayer had with Pink. Per Celebitchy, the 2 got into an argument after Mayer talked a big game about all of the fur trapping he'd done and his preference for dumb broads ("I only shag really stupid women"). I, for one, wonder what the exact context was (and if Pink's recollection of the scene was spot-on) because I definitely know OK, regular dudes that have said something along those lines. Regular dudes sometimes say retarded crap A) to antagonize the Girl Power clique; or B) because they're sh*tcan drunk. Sometimes for both reasons. Not that it makes it any less of a moronic thing to say. It's good that it didn’t come to fisticuffs, that Pink looks tough and her ex-husband, Carey Hart, would drop a swarm of dirt bike Johnnies on anyone that messed with Pink.

My only experience with John Mayer, outside of the concert I was dragged to, involved a run-in at a hotel bar. He was talking to a friend of mine (a lady, naturally). Assuming she was my bird, he was very polite and apologetic when I approached. After I cleared up the confusion, he went back to inviting her and another of my friends up to his room to listen to music and possibly take their shirts off. He's the sort of guy that I'd let buy me a beer. And that's really my point about John Mayer. He's the kind of guy you wouldn't mind drinking a beer with and could possibly be a lot of fun at a bachelor party, but maybe you don't want him to date your sister.


*Note: There is no credible evidence that John Mayer has ever been called a 'charlatan' or 'communist.'


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