Anna K Won’t Marry Enrique Iglesias

Anna K Won’t Marry Enrique Iglesias
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Enrique and Anna: the joke’s on him.

It looks like Enrique Iglesias is –willingly– being used and abused by tennis pro/beau Anna Kournikova, whose been dating the singer since staring in his music video, "Escape," in 2002.

According to Starpulse: "She said I'm probably just a guy she wants to date for a few years, then she'll leave me," Enrique says, "I'm cool with that." We're sure he has a choice in the matter.

"We talked about it all one day and she said that she wouldn't marry me. And she meant it," said the singer. But did he mean it? Or was he just kidding? Enrique is a self-proclaimed jokester, afterall.

Thus far he’s "joked" about breaking up with Anna, proposing to Anna, and being shot down by Anna. We hope that Anna shares his sense of humor, but we're not putting money on it. 

It's a shame for Enrique that "joker" doesn’t mean "liar" –even in Spanish. A direct translation would help clear the air, since people still seem to believe everything that leaves the singer's lips. In some cases, the public's blind trust works against Enrique, who announced in April that he regretted a joke that may have deterred prospective lovers. "I said I had a small penis as a joke. And they took it literally." Well, looks like karma's a b*tch, E! Especially for those that cry wolf. And especially for those whom Anna Kournikova will likely leave lonely when he's well past his prime. Ouch.  


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