Kate Moss & Billy Zane's Exes Want Back?


Kate Moss & Billy Zane's Exes Want Back?
Gossip Girl shows Kelly Brook and Pete Doherty how to breakup right.

And finally, on Gossip Girl last night (not that we watch that show but this is a spoiler), a few yo-yo relationships ended for good now. Lily van der Woodsen (now Lily Bass) thought she could waltz back into Rufus Humphrey's life just because Bart Bass was in Asia on business. But Rufus has had his fill of getting jerked around and throws her out. And it looks like their kids, the holier-than-thou Dan Humphrey and the incredibly patient Serena van der Woodsen are over for good. He humiliated her on the first day of school, was not properly contrite about the whole thing (they seldom are on his side of the tracks, right?), and now has woken a sleeping giant.

While we don’t think things between Rufus and Lily and Serena and Dan are over for good, it looks like they’ve decided to cut the crap, cut the yo-yo strings, and get on with their lives. Too bad for Lonely Boy that everyone in the school is terrified to befriend him lest they suffer the wrath of a van der Woodsen woman (10% less terrifying than the wrath of a Sugarbaker woman).

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