5 Reasons Being A Cougar Rocks


5 Reasons Being A Cougar Rocks
Woman make the case for living the cougar lifestyle.


5. It's a Vacation for You, No Traveling Required


If you need a break from the endless chatter of your girlfriends and, well, the rest of society about ticking biological clocks, $200 moisturizers, 401Ks and the latest yogilates class, who better to turn to than someone whose primary goal is having a good time? After her divorce, New Yorker Hope Jones, 44, dated a man 10 years younger and "tried things out that I had not done with my ex-husband: mini-skirts, heels. I dressed much more sexily than I had in the past."

One 52-year-old Colorado artist agent has gone out with men as much as 10 years her junior and is currently dating someone who's 47. She believes younger men "have more sparkle."

"Older men seem to have lost that glint in the eye that says I'm still alive in here!" she says. "His youth encourages me to maintain my own intellect…and [leave] time out for some fun. I have been more genuinely myself with younger men than with anyone my own age."

Researchers have calculated that adults only laugh 15 times each day, versus kids, who laugh 300 times. No doubt you need to raise your quota.

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