5 Reasons Being A Cougar Rocks


5 Reasons Being A Cougar Rocks
Woman make the case for living the cougar lifestyle.


3. Newer Engine, Better Ride


What loverboy lacks in expertise, he makes up for in energy. While your friends have to schedule date nights to get serviced or wait for a blue pill to kick in, your stallion will bound out of the stables anytime, anywhere and all night if necessary. If you've been wondering what the hell the point is of having a guy reach his sexual peak in his 20s, now is exactly the time to answer that question for yourself—repeatedly.

Shari Lynn Rothstein-Kramer, 42, of Miami Beach, who is four years older than her husband, echoes the sentiment. "I am an overachiever and find that anyone older cannot keep up with me, especially when it comes to drive, stamina, the desire to try everything!"

I.G. Frederick, a novelist in her 40s, achieved tremendous satisfaction in her 18-month relationship with a 27-year-old. "In my 20s, I stopped having orgasms. Since I started having sex with younger men, I've become multi-multi orgasmic (as in can't keep count)," Frederick, who lives in Oregon, says. "After years stuck with an old and impotent husband, a young hard-body devoted to pleasing me was a vast improvement. Since he's bisexual, I did enjoy a MMF three-way with him which was something I had wanted to do for a long time."

4. A Mind Is a Terrible Thing To Waste

Haven't had time to do any volunteering? Roll some mentoring into your relationship and shape that pretty young thing into a well-rounded member of the human race. School him on pairing wine with food. Introduce the neophyte to opera. Read Jane Austen to each other. It's an opportunity for you to get your guy to expand his worldview beyond internet porn and Ramen noodles.

While Rhoda Clark says that she and her boyfriend teach each other, she's benefitted even more from his instruction. "He's taught me to be more loving simply by telling me that he needs it and being affectionate to me even when I act like I don't care. In many ways, he's helped me to 'grow up.'"

HaLevy took great pleasure in getting her boyfriend to be more adventurous. "He had lived a relatively sheltered life, still lived with his mother. Even though he'd lived in the San Fernando Valley all his life, he'd never seen the Hollywood sign because he hadn't gone 'over the hill.' Also, food became a major exploration. I knew as I introduced him to each new taste that for the rest of his life he would associate the taste of cheremoyas and baklava with me."

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