Friday Night Lights: TV's Best Relationship Drama?

By YourTango

friday night lights kyle chandler connie britton
Friday Night Light's Connie Britton talks about the best marriage on TV.

"Being down there has made me realize why Texans are so rabid about being Texans," she observes. Spending time in "Bush Country" has also given the Barack Obama supporter "an appreciation for lots of points of view"—which extends to sports as well as politics. "I'm still not a huge football fan. I'm still not going to sit down on a Sunday and go crazy," she stresses. "But I have an appreciation for the level of competition and the fair play and all of it."

Fitness-minded herself, Britton swims, hikes and watches her diet (though she doesn't fight an addiction to chocolate). So it's not surprising that she admires something else about athletes. "Who doesn't?!" she responds enthusiastically when asked if she likes the jock type. But it there's one special athlete in her life, she's not telling!

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