Friday Night Lights: TV's Best Relationship Drama?

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Friday Night Light's Connie Britton talks about the best marriage on TV.

Rest assured, however, that marital conflict will only go so far. "We're going to be solid. That was one thing we all agreed on right from the beginning. No one is going to be talking about having an affair or wanting a divorce. We share the same values and a similar sense of humor," she continues, underlining the importance of the latter. "Playing this relationship reminds me of what you need, and a lot of what you need is a really great shared sense of humor, but also a shared vision and an ability to really trust each other and know that when things get rocky and unhappy I can count on that person no matter what."

Britton credits her trusting relationship with co-star Chandler in being able to portray the above so well on screen. "We both know that we can rely on each other. We can go into a scene and take the risk to fall flat on our faces. I know that he's going to be there if I fall and he knows I'm going to be there if he falls. That's what you want—that's an ideal in an acting relationship and in a married relationship."


Playing mom to a toddler and a teenager presents a whole different set of dramas to explore. "I heard something about a possible tattoo situation," she says, referring to teenage Julie. "That's what's so exciting about this character—it's just endless. These characters are so real and so vibrant and multi-faceted that the sky's the limit. There are so many places we can go."

Britton didn't always find that the case in her previous television experience, which is considerable. Her resume includes numerous guest appearances a regular role on Sin City, and arcs on The West Wing and season five of 24. Her film credits include The Brothers McMullen, No Looking Back, and the movie version of Friday Night Lights, also as the coach's wife. She'll next appear in Women in Trouble, a comedy following the day in the life of ten disparate females, also starring FNL co-star Adrianne Palicki.

Britton shot that independent movie over the summer, when she also made a return trip to Africa. An avid world traveler, she spent a summer in Beijing while majoring in Asian studies at Dartmouth. Born in Boston with a fraternal twin sister, she grew up in Lynchburg, Virginia and now lives in L.A. and Austin, Texas, where Friday Night Lights is shot.

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