Pink Would Turn Gay For Natalie Portman

Pink Would Turn Gay For Natalie Portman

Would Natalie Turn Gay For Pink?

In an interview on Rove, an Australian television show, Pink said –with little hesitation– that she would turn gay for Natalie Portman. Why Natalie? "She’s so smart. I could talk to her," said Pink, whose confession was a response a hypothetical question posed by the show's host.

In light of Pink's recent chart-topper, "So What", her answer begs the question.

Well, E! Online announced the punk-star's separation from her motocross-racing husband of two years, Carey Hart, in February of this year. The couple, who tied the knot in January 2006 at a destination wedding in Costa Rica with about 100 guests, reportedly parted amicably. Nonetheless the star is single! (Hear that, Natalie?)

Pink previously appeared on Rove four months into her marriage to discuss her engagement (she proposed) and wedding (she wore a dress, to her own discomfort, but said she felt girly and made her mom proud). During this appearance, Pink also noted that she'd seen her new husband only four times in the four months after their union.

What is going on with Natalie, these days, you may wonder? The Hollywood News reports she's signed on to a movie called "Love and Other Impossible Pursuits." Ironic, or what?! Love is definitely in the air! Plus, Natalie broke up with bearded-boyfriend Devendra Banhart in September. Maybe, just maybe, she's still on the rebound? If so, Pink may be in luck!

Check out Pink's interview below (Her shout-out to Natalie appears around 7 minutes and 55 seconds):



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