Politics Will Affect Your Relationship


Politics Will Affect Your Relationship
Wondering about the intersection of politics and love? YourTango's got you covered.

Becoming Republican For Love
Falling in love changes a woman's political views. Read now.

VIDEO: Can A Democrat Date A Republican?
What about a Muslim and a Jew? "On The Couch" answers your compatibility questions. Watch now.


Inside Obama's Marriage
Michelle and Barack Obama: The 21st Century Kennedys? Read now.

Inside McCain's Marriage
A couple through thick and thin: John and Cindy McCain. Read now.

Inside Palin's Marriage
Sarah and Todd Palin: The couple who gets it done. Read now.

Inside Biden's Marriage
YourTango investigates Jill and Joe Biden's union. Read now.

Why Sarah Palin's First Dude Drives Women Wild
Could Todd Palin's sex appeal win his woman a seat in the White House? Read now.

Meet The Campaign Widows
Having a spouse who's a campaign staffer can hit a marriage hard. Read now.

Election Or Kissing Contest?
Match.com users think Obama's a better kisser than McCain. Read now.

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