Inside Palin's Marriage

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Inside Palin's Marriage
Sarah and Todd Palin: The couple who gets it done.

On the flipside, there are the rumors: Sarah's extramarital affair; her alleged use of political influence to have her ex-brother-in-law, an Alaska state trooper, fired as an act of revenge; Track, 18, their eldest son's enrollment in the military as an antidote to his persisting drug problems or potential incarceration; and 17-year-old daughter, Bristol, being forced to marry the fellow high school student with whom she's expecting a child in December.

What voters can count on from the Palins, if Sarah and Presidential hopeful John McCain find themselves headed to the Washington after November 4, is that Todd won't be a wallflower in the White House. Since Sarah was elected governor in 1996, he has become a staple "First Dude" around the statehouse, sitting in on meetings and serving as an unofficial adviser to his wife. But he does have limits. "When my wife starts talking about reform, corruption and making government work for the American people, it's best just to move out of the way," he told ABC News.

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