Morning News Feed: Fri, Oct 31


Morning News Feed: Fri, Oct 31
The Governator is against Prop 8, men are suspicious, and jail for adultery.

Finally, a lube has taken the initiative to break out from the pack and become America's most trusted lubricant. According to Boinkology, Wet Personal Lubricant is going Web 2.0 with a MySpace page. Your move, K-Y.

On the subject of pushing things through, Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared his position on all of California's Propositions according to the Sacramento Bee. And he is against Proposition 8 (and is therefore for gay marriage). You can take the Republican out of Hollywood but you can't take the Hollywood out of the Republican. Way to follow your conscience, Governator.


While we're talking about love laws, it appears that people of South Korea have a law against adultery that when violated can lead to jail time per Reuters. And we were under the impression that the North Koreans were the authoritarian ones. Speaking of adultery, according to ABCNews, men are far more suspicious than women when it comes to cheating. Which makes sense, men, statistically, cheat more frequently and there's that out chestnut about trust being transitive (i.e. suspicious people are sometimes guilty people).

Freud says there are no accidents and some goofy stuff about mothers. That's why we're not buying into the idea that it was a 'mistake' for a Utah movie theater to accidentally switch the reel for High School Musical 3 with the reel for Sex Drive, per NewsTalk1090.

And we'll stay on the subject of Utah movie theaters. Cinematical tells us that a major theater chain owner (Larry Miller also owner of the Utah Jazz and no relation) has banned Zach And Miri Make a Porno. Clearly, sex not leading to procreation does not support family values.

And the French are actually in a huff about a film. Yes, the creators of those 'French-type films' are tres désorienté ('very confused' in Frenglish) by a new film called Cliente. According to the New York Times, the movie is about a gigolo-loving, middle-aged broad. Evidently, there is some taboo in France about women buying sex. Sorry that we covered this territory in the states a decade ago with Deuce Bigalow.

In Deuce Bigalow, Rob Schneider prostituted himself to a much larger woman… hilarity ensues. But the DailyBedpost's takes us through what it's really like to date someone much taller. In this case she's 4'11" and he's 6'5". The physics alone…

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