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Is Sarah Palin Hot?

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When men really think of Sarah Palin.

Amid all the bluster about "foreign policy experience" and "abstinence-only education," there's been one meme missing. Thankfully, the UK's Daily Mail picks up the slack by asking: Would your guy bone Sarah Palin?

Even if your feminist bone is the size of your pinky finger, it's hard not to be offended by such sexist drivel as this:

First, there's Palin the saucepot. Despite having a voice like nails scratching down a blackboard, she is considered by most red-blooded males across all age groups, and political parties, to be attractive... So, what about Palin the wife? Frankly, she'd scare the living daylights out of most men. Don't get us wrong, we admire the multi-tasking thing because we are pretty useless at it ourselves. But there comes a point where something's going to give and, with woman like Palin, it's probably going to be the husband that gets sidelined.

Politically I'm no Sarah Palin fan. But when journalists write like this, it offends all women who aspire to be taken seriously beyond their looks. I don't need to tell you that ruminating over what kind of wife—or bed mate—she'd be is demeaning. Let's worry more about whether she'd make a good leader of the free world, eh?


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