Justin Long Swears Off Dating Celebrities

Justin Long Swears Off Dating Celebrities

Mac commercial guy decides to cast his net outside Hollywood

This just in from I’m Not Obsessed – Justin Long, adorable actor best known for the Mac commercials, has decided that he’s not dating celebrities anymore.  After his very high profile relationship with Drew Barrymore ended and a recent fling with Kirsten Dunst went the way of the dodo, Long has decided that dating in Hollywood is just too exposing.  Evidently, the actor is a man who respects his privacy and should he ever decide to fish in those waters again, he says, “The one thing that I have learned is that I will be very careful about how I conduct my personal life and how publicly I conduct it.”

Aww… you know, dating is hard enough without having to deal with recognition and people watching your every move and I respect that as a single woman. Getting back in the game can be difficult. But…I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, Justin, but you’ve reached a certain level of fame where it kind of doesn’t matter who you date, you might be photographed. Granted, a massive upgrade to a woman who is more famous and wealthier than you will definitely draw unnecessary attention, but I’d say you might have to head to a bar in the Badlands not to be photographed at this point.  If you’re going to get out there, I’d do it quickly, though, because your movie, He’s Just Not That Into You, is set for release next February and since you’re in the movie with your ex, Drew Barrymore, you know that’s going to draw all sorts of attention. 

Privacy in a relationship is a really tricky thing when you’re someone who is in the public eye at all, although in the age of YouTube and camera phones, we’ve all got less privacy than we ever thought.  Perhaps finding someone you’re attracted to is the first trick but protecting a budding romance from prying eyes, nosy co-workers and well-meaning friends can be the key to building a relationship that’s really going to last.

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