Brad Pitt Cozying Up to Co-Star?

Brad Pitt Cozying Up to Co-Star?

Reports say Pitt’s flirting, Angie’s nervous, Jen Aniston possibly smug

Hmm. Dlisted snagged the new issue of Star magazine and honed right in on the cover story. Evidently, Brad Pitt is getting a little too close for comfort with his co-star, Diane Kruger.  Reports say the two got very close during a cast dinner, where Kruger kept draping herself on her hunky co-star.  A source claims that Jen Aniston didn’t exactly trust Diane Kruger when the two starred together in Troy back in 2002 so she’s kind of glad that Angelina knows how it feels.

One never knows about things one doesn’t know about but this story caused me to say, “Huh?” First of all, Diane Kruger just moved in with her long-term boyfriend, actor Joshua Jackson. Angelina and Brad just moved into some huge compound in Germany with their six kids so he could shoot this movie with Diane and company, Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds.  Maybe Diane’s just got a harmless crush on her super sexy co-star and it’s just harmless flirtation between friends but when does flirting cross the line?  Then again, what might be harmless flirting to some might constitute as cheating to others and honestly, we all know they’re both in relationships, even though neither is married.  Should a wedding band be the only signal to send the “hands off my man” signal to someone?  I’d like to think not. If you’re in a committed relationship with someone (especially with children), anyone who tries to insert themselves into your relationship by flirting with your significant other is out of line.  Diane should know to keep her hands off someone else’s man and Brad should know better than to allow himself to get caught wearing another co-star at a cast dinner.

Keep your hands where we can see ‘em, kids.  The eyes of Hollywood gossip never sleep and what you might think of as harmless flirtation could be hurting your relationships.  After all, you will have to go home again after this movie is over.

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