Vote: Miami Has Best-Looking People


Travel & Leisure survey ranks 25 US cities. Philly takes a beating.

Travel & Leisure recently released its "America's Favorite Cities" feature that ranks 25 cities on categories such as food/dining, shopping, people and culture. For the "people" rankings, the citizens are judged on six subcategories: attractive, friendly, intelligent, athletic/active, diverse and stylish.

Now, call me crazy, but when I go on vacation, the first thing I evaluate when choosing a destination is the athleticism of the people. Not at all. But, that's besides the point here. I suppose the accumulated attractiveness of a potential vacation spot population could be helpful to, say, ensure anyone you catch in the background of a photo isn't hideously unattractive. Also for the likes of good people-watching or vacay flings.

I think rather than using the T&L ratings for vacation purposes (who's traveling in this economy anyway?), we can use them to judge cities on the mating eligibility of their citizens. For the superficial among us, people in Miami were ranked most attractive, followed closely by San Diego, then Austin and Charleston. You could guess it's because the whole warm climate common denominator allows for year-round tans, but New Orleans throws that theory out the window and rolls in second to last just ahead of Philadelphia.

New York's the place to find the most "stylish" people; Philly and Orlando are—as numbers 24 and 25, respectively—not. Active singles should head to Denver, but avoid the homes of cheese-slathered meat on bread (aka the Philly Cheesesteak) and deep-fried dough (New Orleans' famous beignets). Smart people should get themselves to Seattle (did all the Microsoft smarties skew the list?) or Minneapolis, which took numbers one and two on the intelligence list that Miami and Los Angeles shockingly anchored.

I can only imagine what the data collection and evaluation process for this guide was like. Regardless, scientific merit aside, who can't use a fun interactive the day after "Dark Brown Monday"? Check it out here.